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Slap Genetics in the Face, Eat for Your Body Type. (Part 2.1 – The Big Fella’s Best Friend)

Mystique from X-men has a pretty badass superpower. She’s a shape shifter. Did you know that you and Mystique share a similar power?

*HINT: It’s not the ability to walk around naked.

Genetic Ectomorphs or Endomorphs that have exercised and eaten well for years can resemble a Mesomorph. They can change their body shape. – Cool huh?!

You have the power to change your body type and take on characteristics of another.

Like-wise, an Ectomorph or Mesomorph that has developed poor insulin sensitivity and carb tolerance as a result of years of inactivity/bad food choices, now looks like a combination of the original somatotype (body type) and Endomorph.

When you’re born, your parents’ somatotypes combine to become your own. If they both are Endomorphs, you are too.  – Badda-bing badda-boom!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it.

When it comes to body composition, it seems as though the deck wasn’t stacked in your favor. Your body doesn’t tolerate carbs as well as an Ectomorph (naturally skinny dude/dudette) does, nor does your metabolism run as fast. You have low sympathetic nervous system activity, and are insulin dominant.

(To read about the Ectomorph in Part 1 – The Skinny Dude, CLICK HERE)

While these things seem pretty negative, there’s a huge upside to being built like an ox. – You can lift like an ox!

True genetic Endomorphs are naturally strong and are built for absolute strength related sports; think powerlifter, Shotput thrower, or Linemen in football.

You don’t usually see endomorphs as ballerina dancers, unless you’re a fan of this guy.

How do YOU combat the effects of ENDOMORPHIA?

Meet your new best bro: Exercise

When you meet, be cool and put the sweat band(s) away. Your template to becoming a hybrid endo-ecto/meso-morph lies in the details, and details matter. P.s. you get style points for looking legit.

When you train, you should lift weights. This is no problemo for you since you’re naturally strong.

Pick up as much as you can with proper form, then move on.

The trick here is to pair exercises back to back with minimal rest in between, so that your heart will be pumping and your muscles too.

After your lifting session, go condition. Run, bike, swim, whatever your poison is, but do it with ferocity.

Grrrr ferocious!!

You can pair a lower-body pulling exercise with an upper-body pushing exercise, so that the grip is not taxed and one exercise has little take-away from the next. Add icing to the cake (gluten free of course) by adding a core exercise to finish off the circuit (read: anti-extension/anti-rotation based movement)

In plain readable exercise terms:

A1: Trap Bar Deadlifts – Here’s a video of my buddy Ben demo’ing.

A2: Plyo Pushup (aka clap pushups)
A3: Ab wheel/TRX rollout

A4: Wallslides (This is a shoulder mobility exercise to open up the chest and reinforce ‘shoulders down & back’ posture – important stuff)

After all of that butt busting in the gym, I’m sure you’ve worked up an appetite. – Go eat real food!

I’m not talking about the stuff that comes in a bag or a box, that’s most likely processed and full of chemicals and preservatives and gluten…ew gluten.

Remember this: If you can’t hunt, fish, pluck, grow or ferment the food you’re about to eat, it’s not real food. 

It’s about time to go grab a snack.

Wait! – before you do, you should read the second half of this article: Little(er) Big Guy Rules

All i’m saying is that it may or may not help clarify what foods are, and where to put them.

P.S. Put them in your mouth…if it’s green… and gluten free.

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