I may not be there yet
But I'm Closer than I was yesterday

InnerAthlete Mantra

What is an athlete?

Does drinking protein shakes and having huge muscles make you an athlete?

Your InnerAthete has been drowned by your job, your pay check, your payments.

I’m here to tell you that:

“You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your f***ing khakis.”

I go to the gym with some of the same intentions as everyone else does. I train with the purpose of being able to perform well on the field, ice, or turf and to look damn sexy while doing it. To be strong, lean and big (to a certain extent) is always on the to do list. There is such thing as vanity training, and every so often, it happens. Understand that the gym doesn’t define who I am.

I go to the gym to take back what life has been trying to take away from me. I go to fight for the athleticism inside and to keep the InnerAthlete alive. So that when the time comes, I am ready to show off my powerful, good-looking body to prove that there IS such thing as built for show, and built for go.

The side-effects? My body will take care of me. It won’t have trouble keeping up. It won’t give me ‘getting old’ pains. It’ll fight sickness and recover quickly. It’ll make tasks you find tough easier for me. It’ll make me look flat out awesome in a shirt and jeans.

I train hard, eat ‘clean’, and nourish myself not because I feel obliged, but because it’s the one thing I have complete control of. I own my body and am proud of it.

The InnerAthlete keeps me proud, keeps me going, keeps me strong.

What can InnerAthlete do for me?

InnerAthlete prides itself on providing current information to athletes, go-getters & aspiring super heros.

This blog caters to the athlete within you.

- Giving you tips and tricks to get the lean, muscular body you once had or want to have.
– Walking you through exercises and training programs to keep you healthy, and injury free.
–  Teach you the ins and outs of being the alpha-type.

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